Saturday , July 22 2017
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Hard Copy (CD) vs Digital Games | Which One to Choose?

In today’s modern world, it seems that technology really is taking over, but with the sudden rise of digital games in this Multi-Billion dollar gaming industry some old-school gamers have a hard time leaving their hard copy video games behind. Therefore, I’ve really thought and did some research about which …

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Chroma-Gun [Review] “Pros & Cons + Gameplay Included!” | Indie Game for Computers

Pixel Maniacs’s, the creating company, personnel approached me about making a video for this video game and give my thoughts on it. Therefore, this video is a quick look on what to expect in the video game and what makes it what it truly is. Is it any good? Watch this …

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Trials Fusion: “Unicorn Racing with an 8 Year Old!” [Gameplay Commentary] PS4

Taking an off day with my little cousin Atiya Wallace… she’s super energetic and a hand full! *************************************************************************** 1st YouTube Channel (Caz Wallace): 2nd YouTube Channel (Simply Caz): Facebook PAGE: Instagram: Caz_Wallace Twitter: Caz_Wallace SnapChat: Caz_Wallace (Username Caz Wallace) TwitchTV: GeneraSlim PSN: GeneraSlim DONATE (SUPPORT MY CHANNEL …

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Beast of a Man Ep 1: Racoon with friends (GTA Commentary)

It’s been awhile, but Racoon-Man (GeneraSlim) returns to Los Santos and meets two new friends who were so kind to hang out with him and show him a good time. Their PSN IDs were: Sigmoiddock48 & PolarizedGames. *************************************************************************** Next YouTube Channel: Facebook PAGE: Instagram: Caz_Wallace Twitter: Caz_Wallace SnapChat: …

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Using OBS recording for the first time. Sims 4 Commentary

I hope you guys support me while KODI is going through these trail times with legal issues. This is me goofing around playing with software **Follow me on Facebook for more KodY Information**Link in Description** Music by Shad Fer (Bahamian): *************************************************************************** DONATE (SUPPORT MY CHANNEL BY CLICKING): Next …

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