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Colossus Build (Kodi Setup Wizard) “Simple Easy Setup for KODI w/ IPTV” | Review + How to Install?

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J.Ruiz enters the KODI community with his new Colossus build and wizard. It has many gems inside of it including working IPTV, but how good is it really? Watch this video, as I tell you my thoughts on it. Please observe the installation guide below, as it may contain changes that the video above doesn’t show. -Caz-


Developer’s Contacts:

  1. FB Page:
  2. Twitter:



  • If the channels doesn’t populate within the Echo TV Guide, simply hold “Enter/OK” key as you highlight the add-on and enter the configuration and change intervals from 24hrs to 48hrs.
  • Some add-ons may be “Geo-Blocked” meaning it may not be available to you based on your location in the world. This problem can be fixed by using a VPN service:
  • Below are two options for VPNs

” / ” (used as the word “THEN” e.g. SYSTEMS/FILE MANAGER = Systems then File Manager).
Steps Listed as “Only KODI 17+” does not apply to KODI versions prior.
Installation Guides:

Method 1:

1) Go to File Manager (Folder icon to the bottom next to Gear & Star icons )
2) Select “Add Source”/ where is says “None” click Enter/ Add Source Link ” ” / Click “DONE”
3) Go down one time to the “Name Source” Section and Enter “.CAZ” (Dot will put name to the top of source listing)
4) Exit File Manager (Go back to Home Screen)
5) Go to System/ Add-Ons -OR- (Only KODI 17+): Go to Add- Ons/ Go to Add-On Settings ** Gear icon (in Add-Ons Tab) **
6) (Only KODI 17+) Configure Add On Settings to “Expert” or “Advanced” (Not Basic or Standard) / Look to the right panel area and turn on “Unknown Sources”)
7) (Only KODI 17+) Exit Add- On Settings/ Enter “Download Area” in Add- Ons Section **( Box with Downward Arrow) **
8) Install from Zip file **(If Message “Unknown Source Disable” comes up, please revert to Step 5 & 6) **
9) Select “.CAZ”/ /
10) Install from Repository/ Simply Caz Repo/ Program Add-Ons/ Colossus/ Install/ Return to KODI homescreen/ Enter Programs Tab/ Program Add-Ons/ Colossus / Builds / Choose Build of your choice!

**FOR BUILDS: On Android Boxes, you will have to manually Force Stop Kodi by going into the exterior settings: Press “Home/House Button”/Settings/ APPS/ KODI/ Force Stop**

1st YouTube Channel (Caz Wallace):
2nd YouTube Channel (Simply Caz):
Facebook PAGE:
Instagram: Caz_Wallace
Twitter: Caz_Wallace
SnapChat: Caz_Wallace
TwitchTV: GeneraSlim
PSN: GeneraSlim (No L on Genera)


Design - 7
Speed - 9
Versatility - 8.5
Reliability - 8
Originality - 6.5
Ease to Use - 7
Customer Support - 8



The build is a good build, but it's not overly impressive in it's presentation. The IPTV listing is awesome, but giving it extra points for IPTV, which has proven to be inconsistent in the community, won't be very fair. Overall it's simple in approach and "to the point".

User Rating: 4.7 ( 1 votes)

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  1. The program is colossal in zip file. I click on it and it will not load. What’s the deal

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