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NBA Live 18 Review | “Is NBA Live 18 Better than NBA 2K?” [PS4 DEMO]

I’ve grown up on NBA video games from the arcade street ball with no rules to NBA live and NBA 2k, and there have been many good and bad experiences during all eras. Recently, NBA Live has attempted it’s comeback with it new release for the 2017-2018 basketball season and it’s intention is to take over from the existing juggernaut, NBA 2k. Is it that good? A lot of “YouTubers” think so; therefore, I’m going to give you my honest opinion on that matter.


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Grade - 6.9



It's nothing to praise went it comes to the gameplay mechanics, shotty cut scenes, lack of defense and weird in game motions, but the styling of the players are good additions that 2K sports have lacked heavily on in the past. Is hair styles going to get me to buy it? I think not.

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