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Stream Away [IPTV] “1000s of IPTV Channels w/ Euro Football, NFL, NBA, NHL” | Review + Setup Guide

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Stream Away, although it’s a new company, brings premium IPTV to this community with their services named Stream TV & My TV. All of my supporters of the Simply Caz YouTube channel gets this service at a reasonably reduce rate. Watch this video as I tell you my thoughts on it and how to set up this service. Please take note of the tips and other text below, which contains valuable information for customers. -Caz-


Company’s Contact(s): 




  • Only subscribers of Simply Caz YouTube get the below listed discounts.
  • Join Stream Away’s Facebook Page above for technical support.
  • It may be “Geo-Blocked” meaning it may not be available to you based on your location in the world. This problem can be fixed by using a VPN service:
(Below are two options for VPNs)

  Channel Listing/ STB Emulator/ ADULT Passwords: [Click]


[Simply Caz Subscribers]
  1. 1 Service (Your Choice): $12.00
  2. 2 Services (My TV & Stream TV): $20.00
  3. Add a Room feature (Doubles $20.00 deal): $6.99
  4. 6 Months (1 Service): $65.00
  5. 1 Year (1 Service): $120.00
  6. Zoomtak boxes 20% off with 1 Month free of IPTV

Zoomtak Box: [Click]



1st YouTube Channel (Caz Wallace):
2nd YouTube Channel (Simply Caz):
Facebook PAGE:
Instagram: Caz_Wallace
Twitter: Caz_Wallace
SnapChat: Caz_Wallace
TwitchTV: GeneraSlim
PSN: GeneraSlim (No L on Genera)


Design - 9
Indexing - 9
Originality - 9
Speed - 9
Ease to Use - 9
Mainstream Potential - 9.5
Customer Support - 9



I love the service. Its super fast, smooth, easy to setup and they're giving my supporters a great price.

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